2007 Lumen Christi // set up drop downs anywhere in the body of the page. I think the bottom of the page is better.. // but you can experiment with effect on loadtime. if (TransMenu.isSupported()) { //================================================================================================== // create a set of dropdowns //================================================================================================== // the first param should always be down, as it is here // // The second and third param are the top and left offset positions of the menus from their actuators // respectively. To make a menu appear a little to the left and bottom of an actuator, you could use // something like -5, 5 // // The last parameter can be .topLeft, .bottomLeft, .topRight, or .bottomRight to inidicate the corner // of the actuator from which to measure the offset positions above. Here we are saying we want the // menu to appear directly below the bottom left corner of the actuator //================================================================================================== var ms = new TransMenuSet(TransMenu.direction.down, 1, 0, TransMenu.reference.bottomLeft); //================================================================================================== // create a dropdown menu //================================================================================================== // the first parameter should be the HTML element which will act actuator for the menu //================================================================================================== var menu1 = ms.addMenu(document.getElementById("bio")); menu1.addItem("Band", "band engl.htm"); menu1.addItem("Giovanni", "giovanni engl.htm"); menu1.addItem("Emi", "emi engl.htm"); menu1.addItem("Kuri", "kuri engl.htm"); menu1.addItem("Johannes", "johannes engl.htm"); menu1.addItem("Manu", "manu engl.htm"); var menu2 = ms.addMenu(document.getElementById("live")); menu2.addItem("Upcoming Concerts", "upcominggigs engl.htm"); menu2.addItem("Past Concerts", "archive engl.htm"); var menu4 = ms.addMenu(document.getElementById("extras")); menu4.addItem("Diary", "diary engl.htm"); menu4.addItem("Forum", "forum engl.htm"); menu4.addItem("Guestbook", "guestbook engl.htm"); TransMenu.renderAll(); }